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ACTS 10 Year Anniversary Dinner

Thanks Mom & Dad for choosing LIFE

Youth Ministry Jesus & The Lepers Skit

JP2 High School Youth Group Retreat Skit

NCYC 2015 (National Catholic Youth Conference) Reflections

Pope Francis Video

The Catholic Church

Mission Statement of our ministries:
To bring The Church to the youth & young adults
and to bring the youth & young adults to The Church.

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Below is a powerful video with you about what our Youth Ministry is all about.  On our 2020 “Burn the Ships” JP2 retreat weekend, we have an annual talk entitled, "The Youth Group Testimonial Talk". This talk was given by a high school senior, RIanna Evans, who has been involved in our Youth Ministry program since she was in 6th grade. Thank you, Rianna, for sharing your heart and yourself with our ministry!


Our Youth & Young Adult Group are currently meeting in person.
Please see individual schedules for details.

All Parish Masses are able to be attended in person.

The obligation to attend Mass is back into place per our NJ Bishops.

Should you be sick or in quarantine and you can not attend Mass, the parish offers a live-stream of the Saturday evening 4pm Vigil Mass on the Our Lady of Peace Parish Facebook page.
Use the following link to view the live-streams:

Please note:


Please keep refreshing the page in your
web-browser a few minutes before the life-stream that is suppose to go live.

Youth Minister Kari is part of the Camden Diocese’s Talking Catholic Podcast
and YouTube shows with her series “Youth Ministry Insights”
You can check out all their media resources here:

Welcome to Our Lady of Peace Youth and Young Adult Group’s website! This site is dedicated to the
youth/young adults in grades 3rd through 12th
and Young Adult’s ages 18-28 years old.